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Free Access to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal

Campus community, are you taking advantage of McCain Library’s electronic subscriptions to both the NYT and the WSJ? If not, visit McCain’s LibGuides for quick and easy directions that will allow you to access full content from both newspapers wherever you are.

Recent additions to our electronic subscriptions include the New York Times audio app. The app includes podcasts, new summaries and a host of cultural programming.

For assistance, please contact McCain Library.

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McCain Library End-of-Semester Hours

Good luck with finals, Scotties! Remember to lean on McCain Library in your time of need. We are offering extended hours (PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THIS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY-OPEN UNTIL 10:30 PM!!), study breaks, study rooms, equipment (including graphing calculators!), research help and moral support! Don’t forget to ask a librarian or McCain staff member for help, should you need it!

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Congratulations, Professor Roshan Iqbal!

McCain Library extends a hearty congratulations to Professor Roshan Iqbal for publishing her new book “Marital and Sexual Ethics in Islamic Law: Rethinking Temporary Marriage.”

A description from the publisher’s listing:

“Roshan Iqbal traces the intellectual legacy of the exegesis of Qur’an 4:24, which is used as the proof text for the permissibility of mut’a (temporary marriage) and asks if the use of verse 4.24 for the permissibility of mut’a marriage is justified within the rules and regulations of Qur’anic hermeneutics. Iqbal examines seventeen Qur’an commentaries, the chronological span of which extends from the first extant commentary to the present day in three major Islamicate languages. Iqbal concludes that doctrinal self-identity, rather than strictly philological analyses, shaped the interpretation of this verse. As Western academia’s first comprehensive work concerning the intellectual history of mut’a marriage and sexual ethics, this work illustrates the power of sectarian influences on how scholars have interpreted verse 4:24. This book is the only work in English that includes a plurality of voices from minor schools (Ibadi, Ashari, Zaidi, and Ismaili) largely neglected by Western scholars, alongside major schools, and draws from all available sub-genres of exegesis. Further, by revealing ambiguities in the interpretation of mut’a, this work challenges accepted sexual ethics in Islamic thought—as presented by most classical and many modern Muslim scholars—and thus opens up space to theorize Islamic sexual ethics anew and contribute to this crucial conversation from the perspective of Muslim feminism.

-Rowman and Littlefield

We love to see our Agnes Scott professors publishing such interesting topics! Thank you professor Iqbal for your contribution to contemporary research and enriching McCain Library’s collection.

Link to our catalog’s eBook version of Professor Iqbal:

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Paint Chip Poetry Contest at McCain Library!

We’re pleased to announce McCain Library’s Paint Chip Poetry Contest!


-Come by the circulation desk near the front door of McCain Library to grab a paint chip or two.

-Write a brief poem on the paint chip card using the names of the paint colors as inspiration.

**If you don’t want to write on the card directly, you can always type on it or write/type on a piece of paper that the paint chip can easily be attached to**

-Bring the poem back to the circulation desk to submit it to the contest. We will accept submissions to the contest from April 10th-17th.

There will be a grand prize gift basket for the winner of the contest! The winning poem will be selected alongside multiple runners-up for a paint chip poetry display on the first floor of the library.

Special thanks to Circulation Student Workers Zora Robertson (for creating the contest poster) and Kenzie Beaudoin (for our first great example poem)!!! ❤️

Happy creative writing!! 🖋🖌


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March Mobile Librarian Recap!

Thanks to everyone who came to visit Librarian Christina Tatum and McCain intern Jada Beasley at the March Mobile Librarian installment last week! We always thoroughly enjoy our Mobile Librarian outreach due to all the wonderful student engagement, creative ideas, feedback and, of course, handing out the stickers and snacks!

See you at next month’s installment of Mobile Librarian! 📚💜