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New Graphic Novels

Want to start a new graphic novel series? McCain Library acquired several new graphic novels over the weekend. The Walking Dead (volumes 1-4, 7, 8, and 13), Saga (volumes 1-2), and Wonder Woman: Odyssey (volumes 1-2) are just a few of the new items added to the Graphic Novel collection. This collection is located to the right of the fireplace in the Main Reading Room of McCain Library. To view a full list of items in this collection, visit the Graphic Novels in McCain Guide.

Not seeing a title you like? Suggest a purchase!

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New Puzzles at McCain Library

McCain Library acquired nine new puzzles and a Harry Potter strategy game over the semester break! All recreational activities (puzzles, games, and sporting equipment) loan for three days and may be renewed online or in person. Check out the Board Games in McCain guide to view a full list of what activities are available!

Additionally, any dissectologists on campus may want to stop by McCain Library over the next few days to test out a new puzzle…

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Book Sale Shelves

Have you checked out the library book sale shelves recently? The sale shelving is located on Floor 1 of McCain Library, next to the browsing books and at the entrance to the Main Reading Room. A variety of new books and other materials have been added to the sale cart since last semester, including select work by William Shakespeare, artist biographies, general fiction, history books, and more! When you find an item you like, bring it to the Circulation Desk to pay ($0.25 per item).

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McCain Library Closed Due to Weather, 1/16

McCain Library will be closed today due to the current local weather. Virtual services will be available during normal library hours. If you need access to course materials, you may email to ask about possible digital files of Course Reserve chapters that we can share temporarily via Controlled Digital Lending (CDL).

See what may be available here. Note: not every chapter of every book has been scanned, but we can make available those that have been.

EBooks and e-journal articles can be found 24/7 through the library’s home page, and research guides on a variety of subjects are also available.

We look forward to seeing you in person in McCain Library soon! Thank you and be well.

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McCain Library’s Temporary Food/Drink Policy

To prevent the further spread of COVID-19, McCain Library kindly requests that patrons refrain from bringing any food or drink items into the library during the two-week virtual start of the semester.

Additionally, once classes are in-person again, please remember that meals, greasy foods, and drinks without lids are not allowed in the building. You may view our regular Food and Drink Policy here if you have questions about what is allowed in the library.

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Video Streaming Resource

Do you live locally or on campus? The Dekalb County Public Library system now offers streaming through Kanopy, an online database of films and television with over 27,000 videos. Local community members, including students living on campus, are able to stream up to five videos a month using their local library card credentials. The public library is also a great resource for popular reads, DVDs, and more! If you do not have a library card, sign up today!

McCain Library also provides access to several streaming databases including Kanopy and AVON. The library houses a number of DVD documentaries and feature films and circulates several DVD players. Keep McCain Library in mind next time you plan a movie night!

Check out the following guides to view a small selection from our 3000+ DVDs:

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Accessing Your Course Reading Materials from the Library

Are you unable to visit the library to retrieve needed course readings that are on reserve? If so, the library can share materials online using the copyright-compliant method of Controlled Digital Lending (CDL).

To view course reserve titles, visit here. (Directions for using course reserves may be found on this guide.). If the needed material has a call number beside it (as pictured below), this is available in a print copy at McCain Library.

This tutorial explains how to request materials from the library using CDL.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the steps, please email

Controlled Digital Lending (CDL)
The library uses CDL to make print editions of books we own available to students for set amounts of time, similar to physical reserves. When sections of a physical book are requested for virtual access, the library will digitally scan the requested pages and then make them available to the requestee in two-hour increments. During that time the viewer cannot download, print, and/or share the PDF file, and the physical book is not available for loan to another patron. CDL allows the library to utilize our physical collections in a virtual space while still following established copyright law. If you would like the library to make print materials available for your course reserves via CDL, please let us know.

See more information regarding the application of controlled digital lending principles to the circulation of print materials here.

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Study Carrel Virtual Registration Opens Tuesday at 8 AM

Study carrel reservations will be completely virtual this semester! Please see below for details of the registration process.

It is that time of year again: the time to reserve a study carrel!

What is a study carrel? A study carrel is a reserved desk or table in McCain Library where students may leave their coursework and materials for the semester.

Who can reserve a carrel? Priority is given to seniors and independent study students, but all are eligible to reserve a carrel.

How do I reserve a carrel? Carrel reservations will work a bit differently this semester since the first two weeks of classes are virtual. Reservations will be made through this application which will open on Tuesday, January 11 (the first day of classes) at 8:00 AM. The form will appear closed until then.

Which carrels are available to reserve? Study carrels on all Floors and Stacks except Floor 1 will be available until claimed, but keep in mind that any student may sit at a reserved carrel while the student with the reservation is not using it (It is courtesy to leave it as you found it and relocate if the student with the reservation arrives). Floor maps with numbered study carrels will be included on the reservation form.

What’s so great about these carrels anyway? Students with reserved carrels are allowed to decorate and personalize their space as long as it does not damage the desk, chair, or walls surrounding the carrel. They may leave their personal work and books at the carrel if they feel comfortable doing so, although we do suggest students take any expensive devices with them once they leave the library.

Have more questions? Visit the Study Spaces & Carrels OR email

Please note: all library books at a carrel must be checked out to your library account.