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Virtual Museum Visits

Happy April! This week we wanted to share another link of Virtual Visits, and this week we are highlighting several digital tours! Explore the collections of museums like The Museum of Modern Art, Van Gogh Museum, the Palace of Versailles, and even local gems like The High Museum of Art. Enjoy all of these and more by visiting the Arts & Culture Collections from Google. This virtual visit is filled with art, science, travel, and activities to do at home. To see even more, visit the Arts & Culture Home Page.

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Library Journal, Virtual Tours, and More!


Library Journal began 140 years ago as a publication to help libraries organize across the nation.  In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, LJ has begun to publish articles on staying informed during self-isolation. Through their online site, you can find book recommendations for keeping busy during quarantine, learn how to organize your home library like a librarian, virtually visit world-class libraries, and more! Visit Library Journal to learn something new today!

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Angus’ Work from Home Office


Out of solidarity with the Agnes Scott students, faculty, and staff who must work from home, Angus has set up his own home office. He enjoys working outside when the day is nice and wants to remind everyone to get plenty of water and sunlight throughout the day. This has been quite a stressful adjustment period for Angus, but he is looking forward to this weekend when he can dive into a new book and spend his days in the sun.

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Research Classes with Casey and Chris

Casey and Chris Classes

This week kicks off Chris and Casey’s virtual research classes. They will meet with select classes over Zoom to educate students on resources available through McCain Library’s online databases or to assist with research for specific class projects. If you would like to book a one-on-one appointment with a research librarian, please view their availability and subject preferences on the McCain Library website. We are so proud to have such great librarians on the McCain Library team!

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Zoom Tips

Check out these useful tips to make your Zoom experience the best!

1) Prevent audio echo. Make sure you are only using one audio source when in a Zoom conference to prevent an audio echo.

2) Mute your audio when someone else is speaking to prevent background noise from coming through your mic. You can find the mute button at the bottom of your screen by the microphone icon.

3) Chat is available in your toolbar. You can use this feature to ask and answer questions throughout a session.

4) Screen sharing is ideal for group assignments. When you share your screen, others in your meeting can view documents, presentations, or content you would like them to see from your screen.

5) Under Settings, visit the Virtual Background tab and choose from a selection of backgrounds to make your setting especially fun. 

6) Use Gallery View to see everyone in the meeting or Speaker View to highlight the speaker if there are one or two people doing most of the speaking.

7) Employ the Touch Up My Appearance Feature to turn on beauty mode on your device. This feature can be found under the video settings tab.

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Start Your Weekend Watching the Northern Lights

Streaming Week 1

Well, Scotties, your first week back from Spring Break is almost over. How are you planning to relax this weekend? We recommend you check out the first installment of McCain Library’s Friday Tours Series.

Every Friday we will share a free virtual tour that an organization is offering. In today’s tour, view the Northern Lights from a webcam! If the Northern Lights aren’t your thing, offers virtual viewing experiences of places all around the world. Need a study break? Check out their streams on kitten sanctuaries or a tropical reef aquarium!

Just because you are studying from home, it doesn’t mean you should stop having new experiences. For best viewing experience, check out the Northern Lights live cam around 11PM EST.


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Internet Resources Available for Students

Internet Plug

Are you having internet access issues? If you have a slow connection or none at all, check out the list below to find some free ISP offers for current students.