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Library Sprouts a Veggie Garden!


Student Jennifer Lee is conducting an experiment in the library. Take the back stairs (facing Bullock) and see for yourself. The ASC senior is doing the project for her ANTH/ART 250 class that focuses on the social uses of space.

In her project description, Jennifer notes, “For my project, I chose to explore plants and how they can be used to make an uncomfortable space into a more tranquil and inviting one. I also wanted to explore ways to encourage people to use the stairs more often.”

Broccoli in the library!

Jennifer will be adding to her broccoli display, so keep an eye out for the following:

Information and pictures on how the containers were built; how much it cost to build one container (it’s more affordable than you think); community message board for comments, suggestions, and questions; perhaps more research on topics related to this project.

Note: if you are a student who is doing an interesting project such as this one (it doesn’t even have to be located in the library). Let us know at and we can feature your project here on the library blog!

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