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Create Links to Course Readings

Make your course reading list more accessible by linking to articles available in the McCain Library databases. Use the quick tips in this post to get started or check out the Creating Online Reading Lists guide for more advice.

Easiest Method for Linking

Proquest and EBSCOHost are two of main companies the McCain Library works with to provide access to journal content and both make linking to articles extremely easy. Using any Proquest or EBSCOHost database all you need to look for is a document url or persistent link in the article record. The campus proxy server information is already in the URL.

Linking to Content in Other Databases
Many other databases provided by the McCain Library also provide permanent URLs, persistent links, and digital object identifiers (DOI), but since these URLs do not provide the proxy information in the URL you need to add it. If you find a URL in the article record that does not have the following text in the URL, add it to the beginning of the URL (without any spaces):

JSTOR Record Example:

Using the stable URL in the journal record below, the new link will be:

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