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Haunted Hollywood and Classic Horror: Film Recommendation Lists

Have you checked out our new movie lists? On the shelf above the DVD collection on the 1st floor you can find 2 lists of recommended films: Haunted Hollywood and Classic Horror. The lists feature movies that channel all the best aspects of the suspense genre.

Known as the “original master of suspense,” director Alfred Hitchcock’s films appear on both of the new movie lists we’ve posted by the DVD collection. On the Haunted Hollywood list, you’ll find the 1958 classic, Vertigo.

Vertigo is about a detective named Scottie, (played by Jimmy Stewart) who is approached by an old friend to investigate some strange behavior. Scottie discovers that his friend’s beautiful wife, Madeline (played by Kim Novak)  is haunted by the ghost of one of her ancestors. Scottie follows Madeline trying to uncover the nature of her disturbance and witnesses her suicide. In the following months, Scottie meets a woman strikingly similar to Madeline and goes mad trying to re-create her into an image of Madeline.

On the Classic Horror list you will also see 1963’s The Birds. The film follows a wealthy San Francisco partygirl named Melanie (played by Tippi Hedren) who pursues an attractive bachelor named Mitch. Melanie follows Mitch to his home in Bodega Bay. Not long after her arrival, random acts of violence begin happening with seagulls. Eventually all the birds in the town begin attacking residents. The bloody battles that ensue are strange and unexplained. This movie is based off of the terrifying story ‘The Birds,” by Daphne DuMaurier.

Hitchcock’s films seem timeless. Both Vertigo and The Birds are thrilling and frightening even to a modern audience. You can find both movies in the DVD collection on the 1st floor. Vertigo is DVD#278 and The Birds is DVD#83.

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