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ASC Reading Habits Series Preview Coming Soon

With so many great minds on campus have you ever wondered what they read for pleasure in their free time?  In Spring 2011 the library will launch a new blog series that will provide insights into reading habits of students, faculty and staff at Agnes Scott.  The series will be titled ASC reading habits and will feature a new ASC community member every two weeks.

The lead author and developer of the series is Samantha Tanner ’11.  Samantha is a creative writing major, who has written for local radio station AM 1690 and for the Decatur Book Festival Blog.   So far Samantha has identified 8 faculty members from different departments on campus to interview for the series.  For a preview of the series check out her inteview with Dr. Christine Cozzens that will be posted next Monday. 

If you know someone who you think would be a good person to interview for the series or if you would like to help Samantha with this project, please let us know.  You can email us at

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