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Reading Habits

Reading Habits Series

I carefully scan the shelves of the library, tempted by beautiful bindings and an array of colorful titles. My aim is to find the perfect book. A companion for a night in my favorite chair – a beautiful distraction from textbooks and TV. But, how does anyone choose the “perfect” book? Usually, I ask those around me for a recommendation.

Everyone’s reading habits are unique. Agnes Scott College nurtures a diverse environment with staff, students and faculty from many different backgrounds. In this series, we’ll be profiling members of the campus community  to highlight their tastes in reading.

We ask of the ASC community: what books would you recommend to your fellow faculty, students, or staff members? What makes it a good read?

Dr. Christine Cozzens of the English Department is our first interviewee in the Reading Habits Series.

Dr. Cozzens selected a mystery novel by Benjamin Black, Elegy for April.

The novel is set in 1950s Dublin. “He truly captures the time and the place brilliantly,” notes Cozzens. Elegy for April is the third novel in the series all of which strikingly evoke images of Ireland. The novel follows Quirke, a pathologist and coroner as he searches for April, a friendof his daughter’s who everyone fears has been killed.

While some mystery novels and detective fiction can seem cheesy or far-fetched, Elegy for April is sound. The writing is full of intricate detail and finely tuned plot twists. “Black makes the detective novel logical…it is very well plotted.” raved Cozzens.

The author, Benjamin Black is a pen name for famous, Booker Prize winning Irish novelist, John Banville. Banville assuming his Benjamin Black persona allows his writing to be more relaxed and subtle while still being stylistically engaging.

Dr. Cozzens highly recommends the Black series for those who might not typically have the time for “pleasure reading.”

“I found that this novel is good to read in the midst of an intense semester. The novel’s suspense keeps you turning pages at a fast pace, and I was unable to abandon it for too long,”

You can find Elegy for April in McCain’s browsing section on the 1st floor.

One thought on “Reading Habits

  1. I love the Benjamin Black novels! I’m crazy for Irish fiction, and the Black mysteries are good for a trip back in time to Dublin in 1950. I’ve read the first two in the series, but will look forward to this one. I’m glad I can find it on the McCain browsing shelf!

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