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Meet the Newest Film and Book Reviewers

To help readers decide what to check out from the McCain Library collection, the following students will be posting reviews of films and books (mainly films) to the McCain Library blog.  If you’ve got thoughts to share and want to write for the library blog contact Casey Long at

Stacey-Ann Love

Stacey-Ann Love ’12 is an International Relations major and aspiring journalist. She enjoys documentaries, informed entertainment and being immersed in other cultures, in large and small ways – from studying abroad to sampling new books, watching youtube videos,  and seeking out obscure films.

“It really is one of the simple ways I try to try to think, live and engage.  I primarily make time for non-fiction, but I also enjoy animated movies, classics and social commentary.  As such, I hope that my role as film reviewer will not only improve my writing and analysis, but also encourage others to garner information from our audio visual library.”

 Ashley Lawrie

Ashley Lawrie ’14 was recently selected as an ASC Emering Leader.  She was born in New York city but grew up in Georgetown, Guyana.  She has very diverse interests, including dance, religion, history, music and cultural interactions, so readers can expect a wide variety of reviews from Ashley.

Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams ’11 is an Art History major who is frequently teased by her friends about her expansive knowledge of the McCain Library dvd collection.  Her love of film is so great that she has created her own blog, Cinema Science, where she will tell you candidly what movies are worth watching.  It is a fun, well-written blog.  We’ll be featuring Cinema Science posts that relate to the McCain Collection, but encourage you to become a direct subscriber of Ashley’s blog.

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