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Building Your Reading List: Databases and Tools to Help


Ever wish you could find books that were similar to your favorite book or written about a particular theme? If so, Novelist is here to help.  It provides plot summaries and reviews of thousands of books and provides tools that will help you find more books like the ones you already love.  Features include: Recommended Reading Lists; Book Discussion Guides; and Author Read-A-Like suggestions.  Also, browse lists of award winning books.  You can even create your own account so you can create your own list of books!

Literature Resource Center

You’ll wow them at book club if you look up some reviews and criticism in Literature Resource Center.  This database focuses more on books that are worth literary analysis rather than pure pleasure, but will help you gather great insights into a work or an author.

GoodReads & LibraryThing

Good Reads  & LibraryThing  are two free websites that lets you create a virtual book shelf of items you have read.  For each book you can write reviews, read reviews of others, and add the book to a list of items “to read,” “read,” or “currently reading.”  If you want to really be social about your reading habits you can have it connect with your Facebook account.  Most of the librarians in the McCain Library have a GoodReads account so ask them about it if you are thinking about getting started.

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