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Film Review: History of Modern Dance

History of Modern Dance – DVD GV 1783.H57 2008

I once had a teacher who said “to appreciate our present and what we can achieve in our future, we must first understand our history.”  The 52 minute documentary titled, “History of Modern Dance” gives a brief glimpse into how this dance style began and took form as a way for women to rebel against the strict format of the then male dominated Ballet.

This documentary includes 7 interesting chapters: (1.) Introduction: Commentary from Modern Dance History Experts,  (2.) Early Dance Pioneers in the United States (1900-1940),  (3.) Experimentation in Ballet (1900 – 1930s), (4.)  Foundations of Modern Dance (1910 – 1940s), (5.) The Second Generation of Modern Dance (1935 – 1980s),         (6.)New Directions  for Modern Dance (1940s – Present) , (7.) The Growth and Development of Modern Dance Education (1920s – Present.)

This DVD is an ideal pick for those with a passion for dance and / or choreography, and especially those taking a course in Modern Dance  – Beginner’s, Intermediary or Advanced Level.

– Ashley Lawrie. Volunteer Film Critic

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