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Practical Factoid re. Flash Drives

flash drive

The new thin client computers in the library have USB drive ports behind the monitors, located on top of the box at the back. Students tend to leave their USB drives in the port, so our collection of homeless flash drives in Lost & Found has grown. If you are missing one, check with the main Circulation Desk!

Remember these computers run off a server, so plug in your flash drive. Then, when you are facing the computer screen:

1. Move your mouse to click the “Connect USB device” command bar at the top of the screen.

2. On the Desktop, click My Computer and select your device (probably E: or F: drive).

3. Bring up your file.

4. When finished, close the program you were using and once again click on the “Connect USB device” command bar onscreen. Click on your device. The USB device is now disconnected.

Also, if you forgot to bring a flash drive to the library, we have ones to check out from Circulation.

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