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How Bad is the Federal Deficit?: Interesting Articles and Research Tools

 With the federal budget deficit about to reach $1.48 trillion it is hard to believe that in 2001 the United States actually had a budget surplus. 

If you are interested in reading the arguments on how the budget got to this state here are a few current stories from well-respected political opinion magazines and news papers that will help.  You will need the GALILEO password or your name and campus id to access these.

Also, here are two reports that were produced by Congressional Quarterly in 2001, 2005, and 2008 that will help you place the debate in context. 

  • Clemmitt, M. (2008, November 14). The National Debt. CQ Researcher, 18, 937-960.
  • Clemmitt, M. (2005, December 9). Budget Deficit. CQ Researcher, 15, 1029-1052.
  • Cooper, M. H. (2001, April 13). Budget Surplus. CQ Researcher, 11, 297-320.

To conduct more research on political issues check out the Political Science LibGuide or try searcing in the following databases:

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