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Film Reviews: Inspiring Kid Films

Ashley Williams ’11 continues to review the McCain Library DVD collection on her brutally honest film blog  Cinema Science.   This week she  gave a rave review of the Iranian film Children of Heaven (DVD 1864) and claims that “Hashemian and Seddiqi are officially the cutest child actors”.   This got us thinking of other films that feature children trying to make it in the savage adult world, so we scanned the collection for some of our other favorite inspiring kid films.

Check out these films over the weekend and let us know who you think is really the cutest kid!

Blame It On Fidel – DVD 2357 – (Spanish film with English subtitles)

When Anna’s parents begin to reconnect with their Socialist roots Anna is forced to give up the luxuries she has come to love.  This endearing film follows Anna as she fights to stay in Catholic school, understand her parents’ new friends, and explores her own political identity.  A light hearted and fun film with great art direction!

Chocolate – DVD 2353 – (Thai film with English subtitles)

A quiet girl with the ability to mimic the actions of others develops amazing Thai boxing skills simply by watching fighters on TV.  Unbeknownst to her mother, she uses her skills to shake down crooks who owe her mother money and stirs up trouble with the Yakuza.  A solid action film with great fight scenes.  Lots of tension and some intense violence.

Cinema Paradiso – DVD 1876 – (Italian film with English subtitles)

Alfredo, a projectionist at the only movie theater in a small Italian village teaches a young boy about the magic of movies and instills a life long love of film.  This film is coming of age story about finding a passion in life and living life fully.  It inspires us to live like Alfredo with a child-like heart so that no matter what age we may be we will live life with a youthful glow. It is a fun film that has beautiful art direction and is a treat to watch.

Kolya – DVD 2196 – (Czech film with English subtitles)

The life of a confirmed bachelor is dramatically changed when a 5 year old boy is sent to live with him.  Reluctant at first to fully take on the duties of guardianship, the man is eventually charmed by this mischievous little boy.   A heart-warming tale with a few tearful moments.  The film also provides insights in to the culture/history of the Czech Republic and the resentment that exist towards Russia.

Little Miss Sunshine – DVD 1394

A sweet little girl with eternal optimism must lead her dysfunctional family on a road trip in an unreliable car if she is to achieve her dream of winning the Little Miss Sunshine Beauty Pagent.  Despite the light and joy the little girl brings to the film it is filed with fairly dark and dry humor.  Not the typical comic routine one expects from Steve Carrell.  Definitely worth watching.

Secret of Roan Inish – DVD 1949

A few years after her brother disappears, a young girl is sent to live with her grandparents in a village full of folklore and mysticism.  There she comes to believe her brother is still alive and being raised by seals.  It is a magical tale that is a pleasure to watch.

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