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Film Review: John Q

Volunteer Library Film Critic

Raise your hand if you’ve never cried during a movie. Keep your hand up if you’ve never felt even that gentle tug of the heartstrings while watching a movie. For all of you who still have your hands up, I challenge you to watch the movie John Q and still be able to say the same afterward.  For those of you who never raised your hand, this is a movie that I am sure you will love although you might want to keep a box of Kleenex around. =)

In this movie, Denzel Washington plays the captivating role of a father (Kimberly Elise plays his wife!)  who will do anything he has to do to save his son’s life. I will not tell you more because it is one of those movies that you just have to watch for yourself. Simply telling you about it would not only do it an injustice, but would ruin it all together. I encourage everyone to watch this movie. I have never met anyone who didn’t absolutely love it, and I am sure when it is over, you will all want to call your dad and tell him just how much you love him. I know I did! =)

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