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iMacs, New Collaborative Computer & More Added

Perhaps you noticed late last fall that we added 5 thin client computers to the study carrels on the Ground Floor near the front stairs.  Over Spring Break, ITS simplified their printing to 3 library printers (in the copier room on the Ground Floor or to the 2 networked printers on Floor 1).  Remember, the flash drive port is at the top back of the monitor on those computers.

Now you will find 2 iMacs available on those same carrels.  These print to the 3 library printers, have Safari for web browsing and Office 2004 applications.  Please borrow headphones at Circulation if using iTunes, etc.  Thanks to ITS for refurbishing these iMacs and making them available in McCain Library!


We’re excited that the Minter Foundation made it possible to add a 52″  monitor, computer CPU, wireless keyboard and mouse to Group Viewing Room 1 on the Ground Floor.  A rolling table in there should make it handy to edit files you may be working on with a small group (the room seats about 5 people).  ITS’ Media Services created a helpful sign that tells you which Input to use on the remote if you want to use the set-up as a computer (Input 4) or just to watch a film in the DVD player (Input 2).  The computer hard drive is under the large monitor where the USB ports are facing out. Please keep the volume moderated and turn off all equipment when finished.


Lastly, since we know students are always looking for  extra seats in the library as exam time approaches, we pulled the unused single tables out of the Group Study Rooms and placed them around the Stacks floors.  Look for them throughout the building.

Thanks to Svetlana Sinanovic for this creative suggestion.


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