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Tuesday Triva Winners & Answers – March 22nd

Thank you to all who played the Tuesday Trivia.  The answers to each question and the winners are listed below.  Tune in next Tuesday for our final round of trivia.  We hope to see you at the Writers’ Festival.  Be sure to read through the Writers’ Festival Libguide so you are ready to ask the authors informed questions.


Question One: While a student at Agnes Scott, Jennifer Nettles spent a semester abroad in which country?

Answer: Mexico

Winner: Kathryn Dean


Question Two: Which of the three writers featured in the Writers’ Festival won the Alex Award from the American Library Association?

Answer: Danzy Senna

Winner: Kris Phelps


Question Three: Name 2 poems written by Arda Collins that were published in the New Yorker.

Answer: Low and Not for Chopin

Winner: Kris Phelps

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