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Final Tuesday Trivia Question Winner

Mary Barnes ’11 is our Tuesday Trivia Winner.  She correctly identified the archway that leads into the campus as the other structure named after John Ross McCain.  Look for the plaque the next time you are walking back from Decatur!

Trivia Question

The McCain Library is named after James Ross McCain. Can you name another structure on campus that is named after McCain?

This Week’s Prize…

Two tickets to the village theater


  • The answer is actually a physical structure on campus made out of some form of stone. (It’s not a lecture series)
  • You can find it outside.  It is not a room inside a building.
  • There is a plaque identifying this structure.
  • Follow the sidewalks in and around the campus and you will probably pass this structure.




  • Question will be posted at 6am on Tuesday mornings
  • Be the first to submit the correct answer using the response form provided underneath the question.
  • All ASC students, faculty, staff and alumnae are invited to participate. Library student workers are also eligible.  Only the library staff is ineligible.  

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