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Yummy Cookie Recipes

We had a great time at our first annual Senior Reception on Wednesday, April 13th.  Thanks to all who attended.  It was great to see you.  We sure are going to miss all of the wonderful seniors who seem to have made the library their second home at Agnes Scott.

We will try to get the pictures we took up on our facebook page soon.   In the meantime, we wanted to fulfill a promise to share the recipes of the cookies that were served.  These were a big hit!  They are so easy to make and you will look like you have fabulous cooking skills even if you don’t.

Gooey Butter Cookies

Casey’s Aunt Mary makes these each year for family gatherings in St. Louis, MO and since the family gobbles them up so fast she usually has to make a couple of batches before the family get-together is over.  The official family recipe hasn’t been handed down, but Casey found the following recipe on Allrecipes to be a good substitute: .

Easy Lemon Cookies

These look like Gooey Butter Cookies, but are definitely different.  If you plan to serve these with the Gooey Butter Cookies you should do what Casey’s sister-in-law does and top them with a lemon glaze.  With the glaze these are super delicious.  Yes, the recipe was also found on Allrecipes:

Chocolate Cake Cookies

This is the recipe that started Casey’s love of cake mix cookies.  It is easy to morph into different types of cookies.  Casey has added coconut to the recipe to indulge her boyfriend’s love of coconut.  Also, instead of chocolate chips Casey has used peanut butter chips or toffee chips .  The variations are endless!  The original recipe was found on .

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