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Need a Quick Study Break? Headphones Required.

Casey has been hard at work today trying to locate fun library related videos to amuse you when you think your brain is about to go to mush.  Be sure to check out a set of headphones before you launch these in the library.

1.  Library Thriller

Anything to do with Michael Jackson or Thriller usually captivates us.  Here is a variation of Thriller that is pretty good.  You have to stick with it in some places, but it is fun.

2. Book Cart Drill Teams Videos

Did you know that each year libraries compete in a book cart drill team competition.  We love the lyrics in the Hip Hop Librarians performance at the Texas Library Association Conference.   Casey’s favorite, however has to be the performance by the Well Stacked Scibrarians at the ALA Conference in 2008. 

3. Old Spice Guy in the Library? 

Oh how the Old Spice Guy amuses us. Apparently other libraries feel the same.  Just can’t get enough of this library related parody.

4. Cookie Monster in the Library

Will poor Cookie Monster ever learn?  The library checks out books, not cookies.  Hopefully, the staff at McCain Library are much more understanding than the librarian Cookie Monster experienced.

5. Sliders Library Rap

This fake commercial that appeared on an episode of Sliders is great. 

We hope you enjoy these!  Good luck on your exams and on finishing your papers.  Remember keep it quiet so others can concentrate.

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