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Welcome New Students, Faculty & Staff!

It is nice to see so many new faces on campus.  Several new students have popped into the library today to tour around the facilities.   We have many great resources that you can’t see just looking around the library.  Here are just a few that may interest you:

  • Bicycles – McCain Library has two bikes for you to check out til sundown each day.  These are great for quick trips to the CVS or grocery store.  There are also some fun bike paths around.
  • Flip Videos, Digital Camera, & Camcorders – These are great for innovative class projects or just for fun with friends.  You can check these out for one day.
  • Laptops – Want to take advantage of one of the beautiful places to sit in the library?  Laptops are available to be checked out for 4 hours for use within the library (that includes the terrace!).
  • USB Keys – If a file is to big to email to your self,  save it to a USB key and transfer it to your computer.
  • Browsing Books – These are the books on the shelves to the left of the library entrance.  We have hand picked books we think people will want to read for fun and relaxation.  If you are a book worm, be sure to take a look at this section.

We hope you all are having fun getting to know Agnes Scott College.  It is a wonderful place and we look forward to working with you.


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