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Database Spotlight: e-Books on EBSCOhost

Netlibrary is now e-Books on EBSCOhost and it is better than ever! If you need a handbook on grammar (for English or other languages), want to learn about web design, or even need a book for a research paper, the perfect e-Book may be waiting for you!

All books are available to read online, but here are few other things you can do with this new e-Book platform:

Download e-Books to an off-line reader

If you have a Nook, Sony Reader, or an iPad (with the Bluefire Reader app) downloading is easy.  You can even download books to read offline on your computer.  Just make sure you have Adobe Digital Editions on your computer.  When you download the e-Book you will have the option to check it out for up to seven days.  (Sorry, these e-Books won’t download to a Kindle)


Print or Save up to 60 pages of a book

Students and Faculty no longer have to print or save 1 page at a time or be limited to printing/saving only 10 pages per book.  Once you click print or save you will be asked how many pages you want to print/save.   This works best in Internet Explorer. The options don’t seem to appear in Firefox.

Remember to access this tool on a device that is not connected to the campus network you will need the GALILEO password. Happy reading !

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