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Research Tip: Finding Food in Literature

How would you find a work of fiction that describes a meal in-depth but does not have a food related term in the title?  Got any tips for the first year students in Dr. Wistrand’s Educated Omnivore FYS?

One approach student could use is to locate books that discuss food in literature.  These are essentially books about books and will list several novels in which food is prominently featured, despite not having a food related word in the title.  Here is how to find these types of books:

1. Search for Food and Literature in the library catalog using the Find a Book tab at the top of the library home page. 

2.   From the results, select a title that looks like it discusses food in novels. 

3. Locate the book in the stacks or online if it is an e-book.  Skim through the book for the title of novels.  Then look up those novels in the library catalog using the Find a Book tab to locate a copy available in McCain Library.

That is what we think will work best for this project.  Remember to check the Educated Omnivore LibGuide for additional help or stop by the Reference Desk to get help in person.  Also, subscribe to our blog or Like us on Facebook to make sure you receive all our research tips!

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