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Favorite Study Spots in McCain Library

Especially for First Years who may not realize that McCain Library has 7 floors, we wanted to highlight some favorite locations for studying.  Here’s a sampling.

Front stairwell bay window, 2nd landing, decorated by student Lola Clairmont ’13

“Sun porch” on the east side of the terrace, First Floor, overlooking Alston

Gallery at the south end of the terrace, leading downstairs to the Elmore Reading Room

The curved couch or comfy chairs and ottomans, Ground Floor, Kate  Durr Elmore Reading Room

The Elizabeth Henderson Cameron Reading Terrace – rocking chairs, WiFi and a great place to take a cell phone call!

Carrel on Stack 3  – Stack 3 and Floor 3 are Silent Study floors

Group Study Room on Stack 2 – the library has 6 GSRs scattered on various floors

Media Viewing Room 1 on the Ground Floor has a large monitor and computer for small group collaboration

So, where do you like to study in the library?

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