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Grab Your Kindle and Check Out an eBook From Your Public Library

Did you know that most public libraries in Georgia will soon be able to check out eBooks to your Kindle?  Here are links to the Georgia library systems that are offering this service:

Ready to check out eBooks today

Status of Dekalb County Public Library eBooks

Unfortunately, at this time Dekalb County is unable to provide access to eBooks.  It is a service they would love to offer their patrons, but they just do not have the funds to add it at this time.

Here is a response to a question on eBooks provided on December 7, 2011 by Alison Weissinger, Director of Dekalb County Public Library questions that provides insight to the future of eBooks at Dekalb County Public Library.

DeKalb County Public Library will be offering eBooks through the OverDrive platform by the end of this year. DeKalb currently uses OverDrive for downloadable audiobooks. OverDrive has recently made arrangements with Amazon to allow for public library lending of Kindle format eBooks. About 90% of the titles available through OverDrive for public library lending should be Kindle-compatible. Other formats included on the platform are ePub and .pdf and will work with a variety of other devices such as Nook, Kobo, Sony, iPad, etc.

DeKalb’s starter collection will consist of several hundred titles, but we also expect demand to be very high. OverDrive has a queuing system, so you can place titles you want on hold and be notified by email when it is your turn. The Library’s budget for buying materials continues to be limited due to County budget cuts, but we will increase the collection as funding allows.


They do, however, currently offer audiobooks.  If you are a student you can take advantage of this service by getting your Dekalb County Public Library Card.  Just take a piece of mail you received with your Agnes Scott College address on the envelope and your Agnes Scott id over to the Decatur Public Library (215 Sycamore Street, Decatur, GA  30030) to get your public library card.  Then check out the eBook offerings on the Dekalb County Public Library website.

Other Options

Public libraries across the country are offering access to eBooks.  If you are not from Georgia, check the public library in your county.  You can also check Amazon’s website to see who is participating in the eBook check out program.

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