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What is Your Favorite Banned Book?

It is Banned Books Week! Stop by the Banned Books Week exhibit on the first floor of McCain Library to see popular books from our collection that have been banned and to find out what is the most common reason for banning a book.   Thank you to Beth Adams ’13 for pulling the display together!

You can also go to our Banned Books LibGuide to read the latest news on banned books and to find out how other libraries have dealt with challenged books.  There is also a place where you can submit the title of your favorite banned book.

One thought on “What is Your Favorite Banned Book?

  1. “But the desire for a change in her life, or perhaps the nervous excitation produced by this man’s presence, had sufficed to persuade her that, at long last, she held within her grasp that marvelous passion which until then had hovered like a great rosy-plumaged bird in the splendor of poetic skies – and she now could not believe that this placid existence of hers was the happiness of which she had dreamed.”

    … oh Emma.

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