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Potential Database & Catalog Access Issues: Monday, Oct 31 – Wed., Nov 2

We hope that any disruptions will be minimal, but given the campus internet service provider switch (referenced in ITS’ email 10/27) that has been rescheduled for Monday, Oct. 31 – Wed., Nov. 2, McCain Library encourages you to go ahead and do any important research nowtoday through Sunday.

During the first part of next week, there may be problems accessing the campus or wireless network in McCain Library, the SOPHIA library catalog, online research databases and e-journals, LibGuides, RefWorks and our circulation software.  We’ve partnered with ITS to plan ahead as much as possible for the transition.  However, if you have an important assignment coming up, we advise you to gather sources this weekend and to start writing, in case computer-based resources are not as accessible as we count on them to be.

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.

To take your mind off stress at this point in the semester, stop by to see the library’s Halloween decorations, squeeze the squeaky rat on the circulation desk, throw some spare change in the ASC Cares collection jar, and grab a little Halloween candy on Monday.  Happy weekend!

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