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How to View & Download eBooks!

McCain Library’s main tool for accessing eBooks is called eBooks on EBSCOhost. You can access thousands of non-fiction titles covering a wide range of topics.

If you are new to this tool or just not sure how it works, we created the video below and a handout to help you learn how to view or download eBooks.  Some key things to keep in mind:

  • View eBook option is the easiest way for a PC user to read an eBook.  Its easy for Mac users too, but Mac users must first download the Shubert-It plug in (choose the non-commercial option for the free version).
  • To download a eBook for offline viewing all users must sign-up for an EBSCOhost account and download Adobe Digital editions.  You’ll be prompted to do this when you click Download eBook.
  • If you checkout an eBook to read offline, no one else can read it while it is checked out to you.  Since neither you, nor the library can check it back in before the checkout period ends, consider checking it out for one day until you know how useful it will be for your research.

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