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McSweeney’s Quarterly Collection Now Available in the Main Reading Room

Don’t miss the new McSweeney’s Quarterly collection located beside the New Materials section in the Main Reading Room of McCain Library!

What started out 13 years ago as a literary magazine of rejected works speedily evolved into a visually-rich journal filled with short stories, comics, essays, paintings and more.

Dave Eggers (author of Zeitoun) is McSweeney’s founder/editor.  Past contributors include Jonathan Franzen, Lynda Barry, Ira Glass, Ann Beattie and Joyce Carol Oates. Most issues are presented in unique, quirky formats.  For example, Issue 6 includes a music CD (They Might Be Giants) where each track coordinates with one of the 40+ written pieces. Other formats include creative writing pieces disguised as a Sunday newspaper and as a pile of junkmail.  Look for the cigar box issue full of keepsake letters and pamphlets all relating to past wars/conflicts – you’ll even find George Bush’s dental records!  We are lucky to have received the entire collection as a gift and are continuing to add new issues.  Explore away!

We are grateful to Peter Wallace who generously donated this fun collection to McCain Library.

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