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Student Library Privileges Over the Summer

Agnes Scott College student patron records expired at the end of the semester, on May 9.

For students who are registered for Fall Semester 2012, if you would like access to McCain Library’s online databases and resources over the summer, please email or phone 404-471-6094 to ask about extending your privileges until you return for the start of classes in August.

If you are staying in the Atlanta area for the summer and wish to continue to borrow books or DVDs, you may also contact McCain Library as above.

Sorry, but if you are out-of-state or going abroad, we normally do not lend library materials over the summer.

Alumnae remaining in Georgia may obtain a password for home access to GALILEO databases from their local public library. Those in Atlanta may use ASC databases on-site at McCain Library on the visitor computers in the lobby. Off-campus access to our online resources (databases, e-journals, e-books) is contractually limited to current students, faculty, and staff of the college, except in the case of JSTOR. Alumnae graduates interested in JSTOR access should review this web page.

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