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Helpful Hints for Textbook Shopping

Dear Students,

Having the textbooks needed for your classes is a big part of the college experience. Since they can be expensive, as you consider textbook purchases or rentals for next fall’s courses, we hope you will find a guide that we prepared useful.

Textbook Saving Tips 2012

This sheet lists many places to comparison shop or swap. No site is recommended over another, but first, locate the ISBN (international standard book number) that identifies the book edition that your professor recommends (see AscAgnes class information). Then, run that number through some of these websites.

Doing your research and shopping online could help you to make informed decisions. Plan ahead to have your books for the first week of classes.

Note:  McCain Library does not purchase ASC textbooks. Our mission is to provide materials that supplement the college curriculum and support your research assignments. However, you can ask professors about the feasibility of putting a copy of a textbook on Reserve at the library, especially if your own copy has a delayed delivery date beyond the first week of classes.

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