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Out and About

Hello fellow Scotties and welcome to the new addition to the library blog; Out and About. In this blog I will be bringing your attention to events that are going on around campus as well as in the Atlanta area (And maybe even further out). My intention is to encourage you to get OUT and see what Georgia has to offer in terms of literary, theatrical, and musical events. Even more than that, I want to encourage you to learn something ABOUT that event before you attend. In the coming months, I will be highlighting events and listing a few resources that we have in our library related to each event in the hopes that one or many of them will inspire the intellectual curiosity that is inside each of you. =)

Today I’ll be highlighting two events that are both taking place at Georgia State’s Rialto Center for the Arts.


Discover Colombia Through Dance

Saturday, September 22, 2012

7:30pm ($25 general admission fee)

Blurb from the website: Ballet Folklorico de Colombia, “Danzas Genericas” is proud to invite you to share in the celebration of our 20th Year Anniversary by hosting a spectacular 2-hour dance show event, “Discover Colombia Through Dance” at Georgia State University’s Rialto Center for the Arts. This celebratory event will feature our group’s talented dancers showcasing our authentic and beautifully custom designed costumes as they perform a variety of regional folk dances that represent many of the diverse regions located throughout our alluring and intoxicating countryside of Colombia.

Learn ABOUT it

In-Library resources:

  • The JVC/Smithsonian Folkways video anthology of music and dance of the Americas (Call#: ML3549 .J832 2005 v.5 )
  • Music in Latin American culture : regional traditions(Call#:ML199 .M86 1999  )

Online Databases:

  • Country Watch

–  How to access the database from the Library webpage:  go to the “Find a database” tab, click on “C” and scroll down to “Country Watch” (#28).  On the left hand side of that webpage click on the “Select a Country” drop down menu under Quick Links and scroll down to Colombia. Explore! (Be sure to check out the Social Overview section on the left.)

Online Articles:

  •   Changing Values in Cuban Rumba, A Lower Class Black Dance Appropriated by the Cuban Revolution

–  Citation:  Daniel, Y. P. “Changing Values in Cuban Rumba, A Lower Class Black Dance Appropriated by the Cuban Revolution”. Dance Research Journal , Vol. 23, No. 2,(Autumn, 1991) pp. 1 -10

– Link:

  • An Introduction to the Folk Dances of Colombia

– Citation: Delia Zapata Olivella. “An Introduction to the Folk Dances of Colombia”. Ethnomusicology , Vol. 11, No. 1 (Jan., 1967), pp. 91-96

– Link:

 Get OUT

(Georgia State) University Symphony Orchestra

Sunday, September 30, 2012

3:00pm (FREE)

Blurb from the website: (Michael Palmer, conductor – Christopher Rex, cello – Christos Galileas, violin – Brandt Fredriksen, piano) Featuring Beethoven’s “Triple” Concerto for Violin, Cello and Piano in C Major, Op. 56, Haydn’s Symphony No. 83 and Dvorák’s Serenade for Strings. This concert will be dedicated to the memory of Atlanta arts supporter L. Neil Williams.

Learn ABOUT it

  • Beethoven’s Triple  is available through our wonderful new online music database; Naxos Music Library. I embedded the link in “Beethoven’s Triple” at the beginning of this page so you should be able to just click on it.
  • Hayden’s Symphony No. 83 in G minor, is available in the Library in LP form [Call#: M H32 sy/or/92 (V. 37)]

–          On the inside cover you will find a brief synopsis which you should definitely take the time to read.

  • Dvorák’s Serenade for Strings is available in the library as a CD  [Call#:M(cd) .D95 su/or/se 1988].

–          If you take out the front cover on the CD, you’ll see that it’s a little booklet. I recommend that you read the first two pages.  These synopses will help you understand the music a lot better, so take advantage of them.

So there are your first two events. If you think there is something here that interests you check it out. And remember! Before you go OUT, learn ABOUT it! =)

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