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Student Spotlight: Megan Cieri

Megan (left)
Megan (left)

Megan Cieri ’13

Major: English Literature-Creative Writing

Minor: History

Do you have any special areas of interest, academic or otherwise?

Animal behavior and southern history/ southern literature.

What are your favorite resources at McCain Library?

Ms. Magazine, Time magazine, and the browsing section

Do you enjoy reading? How would you describe yourself as a reader?

Yes, yes, YES! I am a reader who enjoys coming of age stories and stories that involve animals, especially if they are talking animals!

What kind of books to you like to read outside of your classwork?

I like to read books about families, about people going on adventures across a country. I like to read books about animals and books about the south. I also like to read biographies about interesting people in history (Jack London) and funny memoirs (by Tina Fey and Sloan Crowley)

What books do you recommend as must-reads?

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH and Watership Down because they are fantastic books about animals.

What kind of movies do you enjoy watching?

I like watching movies about animals, of course. I also like wildlife documentaries and other types of documentaries.

Are there any movies you recommend?

Up, because it is an adventurous, touching story. Muppet Treasure Island, because it has such great writing and it’s a classic and I love muppets!

Do you have any memorable stories about reading that you can share?

A book that has remained close to my heart is Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH because it involved talking animals and suggested that animals are more intelligent than most people choose to believe.

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