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Student Spotlight: Minaye Sowho

Minaye Sowho

Minaye Sowho  ’13

Major: History

Do you have any special areas of interest, academic or otherwise?

Japanese History and Culture & Women’s Studies

What are your favorite resources at McCain Library?

I’m a fan of JSTOR. It really helps simplify the process of looking through databases.

Do you enjoy reading? How would you describe yourself as a reader?

I do enjoy reading, but I find that I read so slowly that it is often hard for me to find time to enjoy a book, especially now that I have so many reading assignments from school.  I would describe myself as a slow, but detail oriented reader. I might take twice as long as most people to finish a book, but I find that I tend to pick up on things that faster readers sometimes miss.

What kinds of books do you like to read outside of your classwork?

My taste is a bit all over the place for most things, but I think I tend to stick with Horror and fantasy novels.

What books do you recommend as must-reads?

Misfortune by Wesley Stace- I haven’t read this in a while, but I remember thoroughly enjoying when I did. It’s a somewhat bittersweet story of a dysfunctional Victorian family. It has a lot of quirky, charming characters and is a lot of fun to read. But it also discusses more serious issues like gender roles, gender identity, and familial politics. It also has a lot of strong women roles, which is always a plus.

What kind of movies do you enjoy watching?

That’s a tough question. I think I tend to like dark comedies, musicals and some action films. I’m also starting to get into historical dramas

Are there any movies you recommend?

I’m a huge fan of musicals:
The Music  Man
My Fair Lady
Singing in the Rain – The dancing and special effects are just amazing, especially for the 1960’s. Gene Kelly and Donald O’Conner’s characters are funny and incredibly charismatic and Jean Hagen plays one of my favorite movie divas.

Do you have any memorable stories about reading that you can share?

The first book I remember reading purely for enjoyment was Ella Enchanted. I think it sort of blew my mind that people were allowed to re-imagine fairytales outside of the realm of Disney.

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