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ARTstor: Webinars & Changes to Download Procedures


Downloading Images in ARTstor

ARTstor recently announced that Java will no longer be used when downloading an image.  Instead, the image will be zipped.  Users will need a file compression tool, such as 7-Zip to unzip the files.  There are several free tools available if a file compression tool is not already available on your computer.

McCain Library is currently working with ITS to ensure all computers in the library are able to unzip these files.  Currently, we know that the large screen desktop computers on the main floor of the library are all equipped with 7-Zip.

ARTstor Webinars

ARTstor hosts webinars each month to introduce users to ARTstor and to help users transform their skills.  This month, McCain Library will host three of these webinars in McCain 211. Please join us or participate from your own computer:

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