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New Books! Pinterest! Say What?

Yep, that is right! McCain Library is now on Pinterest.  Go to to check out our new books and movie boards! As soon as we order a book or movie we pin it to our boards.  If you follow us you could be the first one to check out a hot new movie or book!  Yay you!

Each pin will let you click through to a description on Amazon.  Once you have decided it is something that interests you check SOPHIA, the library catalog to see where it is located in the library or pin it to your own boards to check out later.

Some books may still be on order.  If that is the case  we are sure you can sweet talk the Circulation Desk into placing it on hold for you so you are notified when it comes in.  (Of course, we want give everyone a chance at the new material so let’s just limit it to one hold at a time.)

Questions? Want to see it in action?  Check out this quick video!




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