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Future Library Superstars: Jenessa McElfresh ’13

JenessaWhere are you going to graduate school and what is the official name of the degree you are seeking?

I plan on going to Kent State University to earn a Master’s of Library and Information Science degree.

Is there a specific type of librarian you want to  be?

I intend to specialize in digital archives and preservation.

Why do you want to be a librarian?

I want to be a librarian because I’m very interested in the intersections of history, information, and the increasing role of technology in managing historical information. Growing up, I was always interested in becoming a librarian but hesitant to voice my interests because of the old stigma of libraries as an outdated, non-advancing field. Luckily, over time I realized that the old stereotype is quite far from the truth and the field is constantly evolving and adapting to meet the needs of the contemporary era. Mostly, I want to be a librarian because it is a career that combines my academic and professional interests in a really vibrant and diverse field, giving me so many options for future jobs and opportunities.

What schools did you consider when selecting a program?

I initially considered and researched most of the ALA-accredited schools with an on-campus option. Then, using the ALA website’s awesome Google map of programs, I narrowed my search to certain geographic regions. Finally, my search narrowed even more looking for programs with strong digital and archives programs, in addition to digging through the course catalogs of all of the schools finding options that piqued my interest. Ultimately I applied to the University of Denver, the University of Hawaii, the University of Wisconsin, Kent State University, and Drexel University.

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