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Future Library Superstars: Jessica Lajoie ’14

27113_370538862687_8347928_nJessica Lajoie ’14

Jessica Lajoie ’14 is a Classical Civilizations major and a Film and Media Studies minor currently interning with McCain Library.  During her internship she helped the Library build a strong understanding of Classical Studies research methods and tools and strengthened the relationship between the library and Classics department.

Before lending her talents to McCain Library, Jessica volunteered and interned at Hubbard Memorial Library in her hometown of Ludlow, MA. There she logged over 100 hours working in the children’s department of the library.

Jessica shared with us some of the things that inspired her to follow this career path and what she hopes to do in the future.

At a young age I realized how much I loved being in libraries and ended up spending a large amount of my childhood there. On an average week I would visit the library 3-4 times for a few hours at least. The head librarian in the Children’s Department, July Sielbecker, in a sense watched me grow up. She’s known me from 2nd grade onward. Perhaps the moment when I realized library science could be a career for me was when she told me that the kids you see hanging out in the library more often than most end up becoming librarians. She proved this statement by pointing out that most of the employees who work there were doing the same things I did. After that, I ended up cataloging all of my own books and movies at home to keep track of who borrowed what and when. I also used to play library at home. (Those are just a few things that my parents point out that I did that hinted at library science.) But I didn’t just spend my time in the book sections of the library; I also spent a great deal of time in the film section.

For a long time I feared that I would have to choose between my two passions – film and library science. Obviously I have learned otherwise, since I’m now interested in becoming a specialist librarian with a focus on film. In the long run I could see myself working for a film company, corporation, or even an academic library. For graduate school, I intend to get an education in both film and library science, and eventually a PhD in film. This has been a problem since most schools don’t offer both. Either way, I will find the school that works best for me and find a loophole.

It has been a pleasure working with Jessica this year.  We wish her the best in her aspirations!

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