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Global Travel Connections from a Bygone Era

Agnes Scott College is fortunate to have 40 percent of our students study abroad before graduation, and 12 percent of our enrolled students are international, from 32 countries.  Many of those students would be intrigued to see a primary resource that was donated to McCain Library’s Archives and Special Collections today – a true glimpse into the past. World travel has indeed changed in the last 100 years!


Students on the current ASC in Ireland trip with Professors Cozzens and Tolliver would likely be amazed to see glimpses into how a professor from Agnes Scott led a student trip to Europe in the 1920s and 30s. Miss Leslie Janet Gaylord was a popular teacher of Mathematics at the College from 1921-1968.  The 1948 Silhouette yearbook was dedicated to her.  

Open Suitcase

Ms. Leslie Thompson, her great-niece, sent us Miss Gaylord’s  small, well-travelled suitcase full of some of the items she collected.  One of our Archives student assistants will be inventorying each item in the collection, but the suitcase includes:

  • Colorful exterior stickers from across Europe
  • Travel stamps on her passport from Cherbourg, France; Stuttgart, Germany; and Rome, Italy
  • Her white gloves and engraved calling cards
  • Her tiny handwritten journal pages and expense record (in brown fountain pen ink)
  • Her Bible – in Italian
  • Postcards and black and white photographs (no selfies!)

See for yourself:

Calling Cards Gloves and Passport

Gaylord Journal

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