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Enhancements to the Discover Search Tool

Within the last month, McCain Library has added two enhanced features for the Discover search option.  You may be familiar with its Google-like qualities if you’ve launched a search of library resources from the center of the library’s home page.  A basic keyword search returns a large number of hits because of the quantity of indexed sources.  For example, “college students AND math phobia” returns 4,682 hits from academic journals (2,087), books (1,290), e-books (1,110), magazines (384) and reviews (370).

Discover Adv

The first addition is that Discover now offers an Advanced Search option, linked below the center search box, meaning that you may set limits before running your search within McCain’s e-resources.  If you have multiple search terms, there is a field in which to place each word or phrase, and you may also target a subject search (for example, environmental studies or public health).  You can also check the limit box to get only full-text journal articles, excluding hits with only abstracts. Your results list will be shorter and more refined to your keywords.

Using our prior example and typing “college students” in the first search field and typing “math phobia” in the second field, with a limit (scroll down the screen for options) to full-text articles within the disciplines of Math, Social Sciences and Women’s Studies retrieves 322 hits from academic journals (131), books (92), e-books (92), magazines (32) and reviews (45).

Discover Adv 2

The second added feature is the inclusion of the SOPHIA library catalog’s book and DVD records, so your research results may discover both items physically in McCain Library along with online journal articles and e-books.  Once you run a search, you may also limit it to show only SOPHIA holdings or to show only one particular journal title.

SOPHIA limit

Of course, you still have the option to  search the SOPHIA catalog by itself, using either the link in the top left of the library’s home page or the “Find Books” tab above the Discover search box.:


We hope you will enjoy exploring and using these technological enhancements.  We welcome your questions, comments or feedback!

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