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Fair Use, Artist Rights & Copyright Discussion – Monday, Feb 17 @1:00pm

Ethics of Strangers: Art, Free Market, and Democratic Society

Monday, February 17, 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Agnes Scott College, Alston Campus Center, Luchsinger Lounge

In an age of easily accessible content, David Lowery, Music Business Instructor at University of Georgia and lead singer/songwriter for Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven is taking a stand for artists rights.  He accuses Google of leading an anti-copyright campaign and paints music streaming sites, like Pandora and Spotify, as corporate villains.   His stance on copyright challenges us to think about how we use content developed by others and how we as content creators – artists, musicians, scholars, web designers, etc – want our content to be use.

Faculty, students, staff, and members of the greater Atlanta community are invited to join us for this engaging discussion about fair use, artist rights and copyright.  The event will begin with a presentation of David Lowery’s ideas and ample time will be provided for questions and answers.  For those unable to stay past 2pm, there will be a clear break to allow faculty and students to leave the presentation at 1:50pm.

Here are some recommended readings to help you learn more about David Lowery’s perspective:

  • Sisario, Ben. “Defining and Demanding a Musician’s Fair Shake in the Internet Age.” New York Times, Oct 01 2013.   – Article Access: New York Times Website  (  | McCain Library (
  • Sisario, Ben. “NPR Intern Gets an Earful After Blogging About 11,000 Songs.” New York Times,  June 19, 2012 – Article Access: New York Times Website (
  • David Lowery Might Be Right About Some Things, But He’s Wrong About Streaming, Money, and Artists Video]. Gizmado June 21, 2012.  – Article Access: Gizmado Website ( | McCain Library (
  • Lowery, David. “Getting Copyright Right.” Politico, May 13, 2013 – Article Access: Politico Website (

This event is co-sponsored by Center for Teaching and Learning, Educational Technology Services, and McCain Library

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