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New in Discovery: Research Starters

GALILEO (Georgia’s digital library programmers) just announced an enhancement that may interest McCain Library researchers.

“Research Starters” is a new feature in Discovery search results that provides citeable, authoritative summary articles for thousands of popular topics. When a searched topic matches an available Research Starter, that Starter appears at the top of the results list.  It includes an overview of the topic, links to related information, helpful images, and a bibliography. Content in this feature comes from a variety of reliable sources, both proprietary and encyclopedic, including Salem Press, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Magills, and more. Research Starters articles feature the same Discovery tools as other articles, including tools for citation, translation, Text-to-Speech, and the option to add the article to a personal folder.

Users can launch a search from the Discover GALILEO search box on the McCain Library website. If a Research Starter exists for the topic, it will appear as the first article in the list of results (as outlined in red in the image below).

If you’re stumped for a search term to investigate this new feature, try one of these:  mythology, cancer, John Steinbeck, global warming, mitosis, Nelson Mandela, Ukraine, brain disorders, evolution of the universe, bipolar disorders, net neutrality, nuclear fusion or baseball. Happy searching!


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