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Pilot Project – Most Expensive Textbooks on Reserve


Thanks to the support of the Minter Foundation and after consultation with student and faculty focus groups, McCain Library is happy to announce a pilot project that we hope will enhance student success at Agnes Scott College.  The library will purchase the most expensive textbooks (retailing for $100 or more) being used in ASC courses taught during spring semester 2015 .

As suggested by students in a focus group and an online survey, the books will be on reserve at the Circulation Desk in McCain, and may be borrowed for up to two hours*, for use within the library only – not overnight or in classrooms.  The library took this step after hearing from the campus community about the difficulty some students face in affording the high cost of textbooks, particularly in certain natural and social science fields such as Chemistry or Psychology.

We know it also may be useful to have access to a textbook for the first week or two of the semester, when there may be a delay in obtaining a personal copy from the ASC Bookstore or another vendor.

The list of books that the library expects to make available for short-term loans starting in January 2015 is below. (Thank you to faculty who have contributed to this project, as well.)

McCain Library and the Minter Foundation are delighted to begin this experiment.  If successful, the library will repeat it for fall semester 2015 courses, as well.


1. Not all textbooks used at ASC will be on reserve – only those that meet our “most expensive” threshold and which are not readily available from used book vendors. For tips on finding cheaper, used, or rentable copies of less expensive textbooks to purchase yourself, please locate the ISBN of the edition your professor prefers (normally noted within a course description on AscAgnes) and use this guide.

2. Because these textbooks on reserve will be in a multi-user environment, none of these books will have online access codes or provide additional curricular content. McCain Library also will not provide workbooks or consumable items  designed for individual students to write in. If your class requires that type of component, try to buy or rent it separately on your own.

3. *It will be considered an Honor Code violation for a student to keep a book from this special reserve collection for longer than the two-hour loan period, although if no one else in a class is waiting for a copy, library staff may permit a renewal/extension depending upon demand.

4. McCain Library advises students to familiarize themselves with copyright laws and fair use standards.  Students accept liability by borrowing a textbook; it is not appropriate to scan or photocopy an entire book.  Rather, you should read and make notes on note cards, computers, or notebook paper – not in the textbooks – on site in the library.

The library hopes that students will enjoy this new service!  Questions or comments may be directed here.

Course Book Title
PSY 312 Abnormal Psychology: DSM-5 Update: 8th ed.
SPA 323 Aproximaciones al estudio de la literatura hispanica: 7th ed.
ART150 Art: Brief History: 5th ed.
BUS 240 Business & Society: 8th ed.
CHE 150 / 220 Chemistry: Atoms First: 2nd ed.
PSY 315 Cognitive Neuroscience: 3rd ed.
PHY 103 College Physics: 10th ed.
GER 102 Deutsch: Na Klar!: 6th ed.
BUS 211 / 212 Financial and Managerial Accounting: 6th ed.
BUS 210 Fundamentals of Investing: 12th ed.
MUS 109/110, 209/210 Harmony in Context: 2nd ed.
CHE 370 Inorganic Chemistry: 5th ed.
BUS 230 Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Environment of Business…
ECO 104 Macroeconomics: 3rd ed.
ECO 206 Microeconomics: 7th ed.
BIO 250 Neuroscience: 5th ed.
CHE 240 / 340 Organic Chemistry: 8th ed.
ECO 201 Personal Finance: 11th ed. [on order, should arrive very soon]
CHE 230 Quantitative Chemical Analysis: 8th ed.
PSY 101 / 102 Science of Psychology: 3rd ed.
PSY 323 Sensation & Perception: 9th ed.
PSY 202 Sexuality Now: 4th ed.
PSY 206 Statistics for Behavioral & Soc Sciences: Brief Course: 5th ed.
ANT 240 Understanding & Applying Medical Anthropology: 2nd ed.
BIO 240 Vertebrate Life: 9th ed.


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