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More Valentine’s Week Activities in McCain!


Blind Date with a Book Continues!

DSC07364All 35 of the books that Rachael Scott ’17 picked out for you were checked out by 5pm yesterday! Don’t worry, we’ve got more.  Svetlana Sinanovic, Evening Circulation Assistant, spent her entire evening shift wrapping up 42 additional books.  Stop by today to pick out your date!

We hope all the early participants enjoyed the books they chose!  (Please remember to bring back the bags so we can use them next year.)

Show us your love!


Write McCain a Valentine’s note to let us know what you love most about McCain Library.  Is it the way the sun warms the “Hall of Contemplation” or the great staff like Svetlana, willing to cover her hands in smudges from wrapping “Blind Date” books in newsprint? We want to hear from you!  Look for the display table and post your note across from the Reference Desk on Floor 1.


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