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Expensive Textbooks on Course Reserve – Fall 2015

For fall semester 2015, McCain Library will continue the practice of putting some of the most expensive required textbooks on reserve, thanks to gift funds for this purpose. Note: not all required textbooks used in ASC courses are available in this way. These costly textbooks (not easily obtained as used, retailing for $100+, especially in sciences and social sciences) are intended to be available to the most students possible, so they may be borrowed for two hours at a time, for use in the library (only). Ask for them by title at the Circulation Desk.

Faculty are continually adding books to library Reserve shelves as everyone gets ready for classes to begin (including ones that are not very expensive), so more titles may be available. Check back closer to August 26.

If you’re off-campus, for current information, search by book title, by course number (e.g., PSY101) or by professor’s last name in the SOPHIA library catalog under Course Reserves (right hand side of the screen).

Below is the list of textbooks falling into the expensive category for Fall Semester 2015:

ANT/SOC 390 Social Research Methods: 7th ed / Neuman
ART150 Art: A Brief History: 5th ed. / Stokstad
AST 300 Foundations of Astrophysics: 1st ed. / Ryden
BIO 250 Neuroscience: 5th ed. / Purves
BUS 202 Understanding Management: 9th ed. / Daft
CHE 150 Chemistry: Atoms First: 2nd ed. / Burdge [2 copies]
CHE 240 Organic Chemistry: 8th ed. / McMurry [2 copies]
ECO 104 Macroeconomics / Krugman: 3rd ed.
ECO 105 Microeconomics / Krugman: 3rd ed.
ECO 207 Macroeconomics: 8th ed. / Mankiw
ECO 351 International Economics: 15th ed. / Pugel
GER 102 Deutsch: Na Klar!: 6th ed. / Di Donato
MUS 209 Harmony in Context: 2nd ed. / Roig-Francoli
PHY 102 College Physics: 10th ed. / Serway
PSY 101 / 102 Science of Psychology: 3rd ed. / King [2 copies]

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