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Photos and Favorite Databases from GALILEO’s 20th Birthday

Students and cakeA big sheet cake disappeared on September 21, 2015 as we celebrated 20 years of research benefits from GALILEO, Georgia’s award-winning database platform and virtual library.

About 55 students took a study break for cake or to write love notes to GALILEO on flip charts; 31 answered an iPad survey about their favorite databases and then were entered into a drawing for gift certificates from local Decatur businesses, such as Chick-fil-A, Java Monkey, Raging Burrito and Yogurt Tap.

Survey respondents indicated that 42% use GALILEO once a week while another 20% find its resources helpful once a month; 6.45% use the databases daily; 25.81% use them once a semester and a final 6.45% agreed, “Not often – I should check out these goodies while I have access to them (24/7 from all over the world)!”

Gift Certificate Winners: Jillian Speck, Rainy Norris, Darcy Fahey, Bridgit McGuiness and Andie Sweetman. Not pictured, Yue Wang.

 Waiting in raffle line

Scotties’ top GALILEO database favorites were:

ebooks on EBSCOhost     48.39%

PubMed 41.94%

Tie: Academic Search and Science & Technology Collection 32.26%

Tie: Images and Newspaper Source 29.03%

Students with MRR in background

Flip chart

Group shot 2

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