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Alert for Users Looking for Cited Journals & Article Full Text

McCain Library would like to advise our community that a behind-the-scenes project is underway that may cause some confusion when using the library’s “Find Journals” tools either from the tab in the middle of the library’s home page or within database search results.

In late June and early July, the library is converting from the former SFX (FindIt@ASC) tool to EBSCO’s Full Text Finder product. Researchers will see some oddities and should feel free to seek help from librarians if you run into a problem.

For instance, a search in the Discover all-in-one-search box today returned some results displaying the only usual FindIt@ASC button. Others showed that button and a new Full Text Finder link as well (see image below). Soon there will be some hits that just display the new Full Text Finder link as the conversion progresses and most of our databases and accessible journal content is migrated to the new platform.


Please note: researchers should try both buttons/links if they do not have success with the first one in reaching a full article. Both systems are currently up and running, but the new one (Full Text Finder) is not completely populated yet. And of course, interlibrary loan may be needed if the complete article truly is not accessible through our license agreements.

Thank you for your patience and do ask us for verificaton if your results look strange or unexpected! Chat with a librarian using our online box on the right side of the library’s home page; telephone 404-471-6096; email; or drop by during business hours.

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