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McCain Celebrates World Vegan Month

November is World Vegan Month! To help celebrate and share information concerning the benefits of a vegan diet for animals, humans, and the plant, we created two informative displays on the first floor on the library (see images below).

In addition, the following books and DVD’s are a small sampling of items from our collection that offer information related to veganism. Enjoy!


  • Forks over knives: DVD RA645.N87 F67 2011
    • This feature film advocates for a plant-based diet because research shows that this lifestyle change can lead to a reduction in diseases and cancer. Researchers state that the widespread obesity and illness across the United States is due to processed and fatty foods. Check out this documentary for information on just how important food is for your body!
  • King corn:  DVD SB191.M2 K56 2008  
    • Two friends, recently graduated from college, begin a mission to investigate the ever increasing role corn has to play in the American food system. Their research is conducted by obtaining an acre of corn and tracing the movement of this corn through the agricultural and food system. Watch this award winning documentary to see how much corn you are actually eating!
  • The sexual politics of meat : a feminist-vegetarian critical theory: Stack 1 – HV4708 .A25 1991
    • Ever felt like there had to be some connection between feminism and vegetarianism? The Sexual Politics of Meat expose just how eating meat connects to the patriarchy. Meat eating, crushing the patriarchy, and animal rights all collide in this seminal publication.
  • Eating Animals: Stack 3 TX 392 .F58 2010
    • A narrative mixed with statistical information, this work by Jonathan Safran Foer tackles the large, and often unexplainable, topic of why we eat the animals that we do. Writing largely from his own perspective, Foer discusses many of the impacts that eating meat has in our industrialized society.
  • Living among meat eaters: the vegetarian‘s survival handbook: Stack 3 TX837 .A29 2001
    • A survival guide for those practicing a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle to navigate those potentially awkward food situations, as in Thanksgiving or a summer barbeque. Carol J. Adams gives advice for living and eating well in a world where plant-based eating is not the norm in this practical and thorough book.

  • The Face on Your Plate: Stack 3. TX371 .M37 2009
    • From a moral standpoint,  psychoanalyst Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson discusses how food affects our bodies, conscious, and the environment. This radical take on eating meat parses through the extremely difficult topics concerning the separation of a calf and their mother, how we choose which animals to eat, and many more.

  • The Way We Eat: Why our Food Choices Matter: Stack 3 TX357 .S527 2006
    • Ethicist Peter Singer and attorney Jim Mason team up to examine how eating meat affects humans, animals, and the environment. The authors inspect three American family’s diet, examining how each family eats very different diets throughout the book. Using this real life data, Singer and Mason begin asking the ethical questions about why the food on our forks really does matter.

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