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Did You Know?…The Printers Have a Built-in Stapler!

Happy Pre-Friday Scotties!

Did you know that the new printers in McCain Library (1st Floor and Ground Floor) have a built-in stapler?? That’s right! Gone are the days of looking around for the (probably misplaced) print station stapler or going up to the Circulation Desk to awkwardly ask to use the one there.

To use the stapler, turn your documents the long way (landscape) so that the top of your documents are to the right. Then, slide the documents all the way in the “stapler cubby” from left to right. Wait for the green light, and then voila! — your documents are now stapled.

According to the printers’ manufacturer, there are so many staples in the printers, they will never. run. out. That’s a pretty serious guarantee, and there’s only one way to find out — come to McCain Library to test it out!

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