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No Costume? No Problem!


Hey Scotties!

McCain Library invites amateurs, professionals, and all in between to join us at our No Costume? No Problem! Halloween Upcycling event on Friday, October 19th from 4-7PM in Room 211 at McCain Library. During the event, you will have the opportunity to design or work on a costume using various odds, ends, fabrics, tools, and materials provided by the library and your peers. There will also be picture inspiration, tips, tricks, tutorials, and peer advice to get you started on your costume masterpiece. You can bring in an unfinished piece or start from scratch if you’d like!

Are you interested? Then RSVP here by Friday, October 17th. You are not required to stay the entire time.

*If you can, please bring at least 3 clothing or costuming items to contribute to the event, such as:

  • Fabric
  • Handheld sewing supplies, scissors, safety pins
  • Fabric glue or fabric tape
  • Fasteners, buttons, Velcro, zippers, etc.
  • Old clothing, ribbon
  • Accessories
  • Scrap wire, wire hangers, pliers, wire cutters
  • Rulers or tape measure
  • Anything that you believe might be useful

We suggest labeling any personal items you share, but plan to keep (like scissors).

Hope to see you there!


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