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African and Black Dance Display: Past and Present

First year student assistant Mia Iverson curated a display on the evolution of African dance and its influence in Black culture today. When you visit McCain Library, stop by to view her display on the first floor by the elevator and borrow some of the materials she pulled!

About Mia:

“My name is Mia Iverson, and I’m a first year student assistant here at McCain Library. I was inspired to create this display because I have participated in dance since I was five years old. Then, I also saw the “Many Steps” movie last semester in Africana Studies, which sparked my interest in the overall topic of African dancing and its origin.”

About the Display:

“This display focuses on the evolution of dance in Africa. The books, movies, and music that is provided below offer a small portion of how African dance has been developed and maintained over the past decades. Some African dance practices have become apart of the black dance culture and that is shown in a few of the resources [for the display].”


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