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Share Books You Love on the Spark Joy Book Exchange Cart!

Donate a book.

Take a book.

Those are the two simple rules of the Spark Joy Book Exchange Cart! As you pack up your dorm room or straighten up your office before the end of the summer keep an eye out for books that were once meaningful to you but may no longer “spark joy.” Don’t let their luster fade. Share them with others!


Bring 2-3 books to add to the Spark Joy Book Exchange Cart on the Ground Floor of McCain Library. You can also just browse the cart to see if there is anything you’d love to read! Those donating books are encouraged to write a note to future readers describing what the book meant to the person donating it.

The cart will stay up until May 6th. After that McCain Library will sort through the donations to determine which should be kept for future events, which should be donated, and which should just be discarded.

McCain Library hopes to have Spark Joy events in the start and end of each semester so be on the look out for opportunities to share the books you love or discover new works.

Thank you to Mayra Tolentino ’20 for coming up with this fun idea!


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